Production company

We are successfully developing production process of a wide range of energy saving and barrier materials
Our products
We use only time-proved advanced materials and constituent parts to provide greatest quality of our products
iSHELL thermal insulation jackets
Removable thermal insulation for shut-off and control valves, shaped elements, assemblies and equipment that require periodic maintenance service.
iSHELL Metal
For control and measuring instruments, fittings, flanges, heat exchangers, reservoirs.
For pipes: pipelines, bends, ties-in, pipe tees and pipe increasers.
Selentum acoustic hoods for equipment and personnel
Soundproof and sound absorption pre-fabricated panels are assembled to complete construction on site.
Gastight fabric expansion joints and canvas connections
For air ducts, gas ducts and smoke exhaust systems.
ISORING pipe supports
Innovative solutions for pipeline support systems that are effectively used under high and low temperatures.
Our professional staff
Our personnel is represented by professionals that are regularly take an advanced training courses
  • Leaders
  • Engineers
  • Foreperson
  • Staff
Our materials
High-quality materials let our products to complete even the most difficult tasks of our Clients
Thermal insulation
Foam rubber
Mineral wool
Ceramic fiber blanket
Fiber glass fabrics
Ceramic fabrics
Stainless steel
Galvanized steel
Rings, hooks, hook-and-loop fastener, threads, wire, staples, safety mesh
Quality control
All products are certified and licensed
  • Materials testing
    To ensure the quality and claimed characteristics of our materials we test them in laboratories.
  • Experience and qualifications
    Our own training system and mentoring
  • Attention to details
    Multilevel acceptance system of details that performed by foreman on each step
  • Packing
    We provide careful delivery to each Client
Comprehensive realisation
of Client's projects
We find an individual solution appropriate for you
Put trust in our long experience.
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